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Child Protection Level 1 - half-day course

The child protection level 1 course is a half-day course designed for people who regularly care for children.


​Individuals: £60 each (Delivered in a group setting at a local venue)​

Groups up to 12 people in-house at your location: £500

Groups up to 12 people at a local venue: £600



This half-day course is a general introduction to safeguarding and child protection and specifically designed for anyone who comes into contact with children, including employees and volunteers. This is a beginner’s course and you need no specific child protection skills.


The course covers legislation and guidance and completion will give you the knowledge to understand the processes for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, including those suffering – or at risk of suffering – significant harm.


It meets all government guidance, including CQC and Ofsted’s Level One criteria. Customised versions of this course are available and can be tailored to your individual workplace. This is an excellent opportunity for colleagues to learn together and explore personal and professional differences while gaining a clear understanding of their statutory and shared responsibilities.



  • Introduction to child protection and the current legislation framework for safeguarding children and young people

  • Understand what constitutes child abuse

  • The categories of child abuse and neglect and how to recognise the signs and indicators

  • How to react when a child is being abused and understanding referral mechanisms and how to refer

  • Understanding the importance of sharing information, communication and the dangers of not sharing information


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