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Overview of online courses

One-to-one, online video training that is available 24/7, providing self-paced learning wherever you choose to work.


Having video-based training that is delivered over the Internet means you can learn from anywhere you have access to an online computer, tablet, or smart phone.


You can complete the training in short segments, as your schedule allows. This is the most flexible training programme available.


A typical online course comes with 3.0 - 6.0 hours of CPD, although the time to complete the course online is usually less than this. A typical course contains about 2-3 hours of video training, plus knowledge reviews, a final test, remedial help and downloadable material.


8 months of access to the course videos

The amount of material covered in a course can sometimes be overwhelming, but with every online course, you have access to re-watch the videos for 8 months after purchasing the course, allowing you to review them as many times as you need to.


Free weekly email with refresher videos

Any skill that is not refreshed is quickly lost, so to solve this knowledge retention problem, you are given the option to receive a weekly e-mail with a different skill presented each week throughout the year.


Cost saving and time-saving

Online courses provide an engaging, cost-saving and time-saving alternative to classroom courses, but if you choose to further your training with a hands-on classroom course, these are available to individuals in a scheduled course in Dunstable, Bedfordshire or for large groups, we can come to your premises.

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