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How the online training works


Most schools have chosen to implement the course in many ways, including:

  • Holding a school-wide activity

  • Recommending that students take the training on their own time

  • Including the programme as part of a class curriculum (Citizenship, PSHE,PE)

  • Homework and/or activity for break times

  • A club activitity



The teacher simply creates the class using the dashboard and a class code is generated.

The teacher then gives this class code to the relevant students.

Students register themselves providing first name, surname, email and class code.

(Or we can do it for you if you supply the info on a spreadsheet.)



Students watch a series of short, instructor-led videos which they can dip in and out of as necessary and answer the questions througout, to ensure they understand the content.



Students then take the scenario-based final test that must be passed with an 80% score.

Re-tests are permitted and recorded so that teachers can see the whole student experience.



The teacher can see who has completed the course, their score and the number of attempts taken to achieve 80%.



Teacher Dashboard main view


Student CPR Card Front

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